Jeffrey Grossberg is a principal with a large West Los Angeles
accounting firm. He has over twenty years of experience in
accounting, auditing, and providing tax and business advisory
services.  He has a diversified clientele and has provided
financial services to numerous corporations within the
not-for-profit sector.
Mr. Grossberg holds a B.A in Accounting and is a member of
the California Society of Certified Public Accountants and the
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.  He is an
observant traveler and a sports enthusiast who enjoys
cross-country skiing and hiking in the rugged back-country
wilderness of our national parks and recreational areas.


                                      Dr. Zimmerman has traveled       
                                      widely throughout the world --
                                      in Europe, Central and
South                                                America, Africa,
Australia, and                                               the Arctic --
where she has                                                    observed
thousands of species                                              of
animals and birds.  She has                                               
witnessed, first-hand,                                                           
environmental degradation in                                                
various geographical zones and                                             
is committed to the restoration
                                      of habitats and natural resources.

Dr. Zimmerman is an avid birder and frequently travels abroad
with leading ornithologists.  She has served as president of a
local Audubon Society, and also as board member with a
long-established bird study club. Professionally, Dr. Zimmerman
is a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, and a Fellow of the
American Psychological Association.  She has authored many
professional publications and papers on child development,
and is the senior author of the widely utilized Preschool
Language Scale.

Under her father's tutelage, Patsy Weille, of Providence Rhode
Island, grew up with a life-long passion for gardens and plant
identification.  Later, in addition to earning her B.A. in Liberal
Arts at Harvard College, and an M.A. in Counseling Education
at New York University, she also completed courses toward a
certificate in Botany and Botanical Illustration at the New York
Botanical Garden.  As a resident of New York City, she began
serving on the board of a large inner-city community garden
where she joined in grass- roots efforts to protect the property
from future development.  While managing a home, family, and
career, Mrs. Weille developed and executed a landscaping
plan at the Samuel Seabury Playground, owned by the New
York City Department of Parks and Recreation. She now
serves as president of a local conservancy which raises funds
to help manage and sustain the playground and surrounding
Professionally, Mrs. Weille's career has focused on social work
and public health.  She served for many years as assistant to  
the CEO of Search and Care, a privately funded New York City
agency, helping the frail elderly continue living with dignity in
their own homes.  Mrs. Weille helped with many of the
agency's fund-raising events including The Yorkville Ball, a
well known New York City gala.  At the same time, she has
served the homeless, working as a volunteer in church
shelters, and also as a counselor at the Holy Apostles Soup
Kitchen, the largest of its kind in New York City.  
The Environmental Relief Center
P.O. Box 1084
Studio City, California 91604
(818) 762-5852   

Chief Executive Officer

                                      A dedicated
conservationist,                                                   Peggy
Forster is an advocate                                                  for
environmental justice, green                                               
communities, and the regulatory                                              
policies necessary to protect                                                   
public health and safety. Over the                                           
years, she has given her support                                             
to numerous environmental causes                                          
and has served with several local                                            
environmental organizations.                                                   
In 1992, Mrs. Forster filmed the                                               
process of converting gasoline-
                                      powered vehicles to battery
power                                           and developed several
videos         documenting the emergence of zero-emission

In her professional life, Mrs. Forster is a licensed Marriage and
Family Therapist with a B.A., and M.A., in Psychology.  She
is certified in gerontological studies, holds a lifetime teaching
credential, and has taught communications skills for many years.
She also served for several years as a volunteer counselor with
the Los Angeles Free Clinic.
Wildflowers of the Pribilof Islands


                                                                    WALKING DOWN HOPE STREET

The Environmental Relief Center, a (501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is dedicated to a broad range of environmental concerns directly linking quality
of life with the protection of public health and the preservation of natural resources.  Our mission is to provide support, advocacy, and funding to
community groups wherever environmental or public health concerns have united local interest.  We believe public health and environmental health
are uniquely interrelated and therefore may be addressed with a singular vision.  Our goal is the preservation of natural resources, biological diversity,
and healthful and sustainable communities.

We encourage the open forum process where cooperative dialogue and transparency of purpose helps to formulate jurisdictional policy decisions.  
Local residents and stake-holders are encouraged to increase their participation in neighborhood councils, community forums, and decision-making
processes at City Hall.  
Among other community activities, The Environmental Relief Center supports town-hall meetings to encourage and integrate
information exchange among government agencies, health science institutes, business interests, and local communities.

During the past decade, the number of degraded and vanishing ecosystems has steadily increased due to conflicts of interest and jurisdictional
delays in the restoration and preservation of natural areas.  Studies of the toxic effects of industrial pollution upon the nation's local communities
are now revealing the irreversible health impacts and often fatal consequences of reckless planning decisions, archaic laws, and the lack of funding
for regulatory enforcement.                   

The Environmental Relief Center is an activity-oriented organization, offering support for the environmental and health concerns of diverse
communities through a number of
benefits and services.    Our "Growing Green Together" nature walks, study groups, community outreach, and
educational programs have been developed to increase public enjoyment of the natural world as well as increase personal awareness of Earth's
fragile and endangered biological systems.   
Eco-Entertainment, a project of The Environmental Relief Center, enlists the talent of musicians, writers,
performers and others in celebrating nature through unique presentations of environmental theatre, poetry, music and documentary film.

Here, at The Environmental Relief Center,  we view the earth as a global community, where effective environmental protection begins with individual
and civic commitment -- is sustained nationally through congressional and executive leadership -- and extends across borders through education
and shared responsibilities.  The Center is proposing
a new and dynamic shift toward personal dedication in the greening of cities and townships,  
the protection of public health, and the restoration of degraded areas.  We urge all who share our concerns to become active as leaders and
advocates for environmental preservation.   If you are interested in joining us, or in developing an interest group in your area, perhaps we can help.  
We would enjoy speaking with you and invite your inquiry.   
 Peggy Forster, Director   
                                                                                                               The Environmental Relief Center                                                  
                                                                                                               (818) 762-5852      


  J O Y   H O R O W I T Z

                   On January 31, 2008, In a special presentation at the Beverly Hills
                    Public Library, The Environmental relief center honored
                                                                       Joy Horowitz
                                                                             as their
                                                    environmental hero of the year        




   There will be a brief awards ceremony preceding the program                     
Joy Horowitz, author of PARTS PER MILLION:  The Poisoning of Beverly Hills High School,  has written a vivid
account of  how commercial interests often triumph over medical science and community protest.  Neither parental opposition, nor toxic           
tort litigation has interrupted or slowed the extraction of oil from beneath the playing fields and classrooms of Beverly Hills High School.
It is now well documented that industrial drilling operations on the high school campus have exposed generations of school children and staff
to hazardous levels of toxic chemicals.

Ms. Horowitz was raised in Beverly Hills and attended Beverly Hills High School.  After learning that many of her former                          
classmates, teachers, and neighbors had been diagnosed with lymphoma and thyroid disease,  Ms. Horowitz embarked upon a courageous
personal  journey.  Utilizing her professional skills as an investigative journalist, she began a review of the toxins released by industrial
drilling and studied the available data from research institutes and medical centers.   She conducted hundreds of interviews with alumni and     
patients.  She spoke at length with  school and city officials and industry personnel --  many of whom were evasive, or dismissive of scientific
data.   Soon it became apparent there would be no acknowledgment  from the oil industry, or from city or school officials that hazardous
drilling operations on  the campus of Beverly Hills High School may be contributing to high rates of morbidity and mortality in Beverly Hills.

When a concerned and informed group, consisting of former students,  patients, and families,  initiated toxic tort litigation, a defiant and
well-organized defense team re-interpreted public testimony and discounted a body of scientific research --  a strategy which not only
influenced dismissal of the cases, but effectively demoralized the plaintiffs by casting doubt and uncertainty upon their claims.  Drained of
energy and momentum, a vigorous and well- organized community protest was quickly reduced to a murmur, and soon a  notable silence.

The universality of this theme can be observed in small towns and large cities across the country where geographically based epidemics of         
illness and cancer are observed and recorded by courageous investigators who subsequently find that  relevant medical evidence has been
distorted, or obscured by official disinformation and corporate denial.   When the courts rule in favor of special interests and corporations
purchase public approval through the distribution of royalties, or other benefits,  a polarization often occurs which divides friends and
neighbors and discourages further debate and action.

After reading PARTS PER MILLION, The Environmental Relief Center debated how best to honor Joy Horowitz for her elegant  prose
and heroic determination to share her story.  In the style of
Silent Spring  (Rachel Carson's expose of the chemical industry and the
excessive production and marketing of hazardous pesticides),  the vulnerability of those who have been victimized by the reckless operations of
industry has been extensively and carefully documented by Ms. Horowitz.

Recognition of Ms. Horowitz, as our ENVIRONMENTAL HERO for
2008,  continues the tradition of publicly honoring those who
have stood firm in defending the truth,  and whose personal contribution has helped to reverse tragic patterns of illness and loss of life.  
History tells us such heroic efforts have effectively turned the tide of local passivity and hopelessness.  Within this tradition, we believe
heroes are ubiquitous in their local communities, frequently serving as primary catalysts in alerting others to reckless land-use decisions
and the resulting environmental hazards and degradation which are known to impact public health and destroy lives.   

Barry Siegel,  Author, and Pulitzer Prize-winning director of the Literary Journalism Program at U.C. Irvine,  states in his
review  of
PARTS PER MILLION that Joy Horowitz raises important alarms in her " fierce, penetrating and vibrant challenge  ... wisely
telling all of us to be aware -- and to care."  

Here, at The Environmental Relief Center, we view " caring"  as one of the defining characteristics of a hero.  We are proud to have
PLEASE NOTE:  Not long ago, Ms. Horowitz was interviewed on, ALOUD, a local program filmed at the Los Angeles
Public Library.  Her intelligence, technical knowledge, and subjective reflections profoundly moved an attentive
audience.  The videotaped presentation can be viewed at  Click on "Appearances"  and enter
"Joy Horowitz"  in the search window.  
For an in-depth report on the toxins and compounds emitted by the extraction, refining, and use of fossil fuels, please
visit the Natural Resources Defense Counci
l,, for their study entitled, Drilling Down.
        T H E   E N V I R O N M E N T A L   R E L I E F    C E N T E R
                     ENVIRONMENTAL HERO - 2008           
H O M E   P A G E

                               We have recently welcomed
Sarah                                          Plat as the newest member
of our                                           organization.  Ms. Plat
attends                                               North Hollywood High
School                                                  where she has been
enrolled for a                                          number of years in a
special                                                   magnet program for
highly gifted                                             students.  Her love
of nature has                                            influenced a
strong academic                                                 interest in
conservation and she is                                          presently
studying environmental                                            science
in an advanced placement  college-level course.  Her interest
in the natural world has led to the enjoyment of outdoor sports
where she is active in track and field, and in cross-country
After graduation, Ms. Plat plans to pursue a career in environ-
mental studies at a major university and dedicate as much time
as possible to the conservation of natural resources.  
As Outreach Coordinator, Miss Plat will take a leadership role
in the development of our environmental community programs.  
The Environmental Relief Center (a non-profit (501(c)(3)          
organization) understands that selected Copyright items may
be reprinted for educational purposes.  If you are a copyright   
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